Red Hammered & Punched Penny Necklace

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Hammered & Punched Penny Necklace

This Modern inspired look is made from copper pennies that have been rolled in a rolling, pressed multiple times to create this shape and then hammered on a dapping block to create an organic form. These pennies are hung on a high quality sterling silver accented chain creating a necklace that is about 24"


These are created with Vitreous Enamels (Glass made for metals) created by the Cincinnati Company Thompsons Enamels. I manipulate my vintage copper pennies and then torch or kiln fire the enamels on the pieces. Many of the pieces in this collection have a polished back revealing Lincoln and the date of the penny. My pieces are small batch or one a kind works of wearable art.


My goal is to create handmade art that is affordable, beautiful and USABLE!

These are created to be worn and look better with movement. The ear wire is shaped specifically to balance in your ear while performing all activities. Enamels and metal can withstand soakings and changing environments. I wear mine while exercising vigorously, performing motherly tasks, throwing on the potter's wheel, enameling and hammering metals, teaching art in elementary school, hiking in random environments and occasionally when washing my hair.

Beautiful creations are meant to be worn!

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My Story

Originally I entered college to be a chemical engineer, but it was quite apparent my creative problem solving, lack of correct answers and inability to memorize large amounts of information quickly wasn't going to work out for me. So began my exploration of art materials, which was a much better fit for my quirky and messy explorations of chemistry. Alond the way I also learned an organized way to have large groups of people in my exploration messes as an art teacher.

Today I continue to explore and discover new materials keeping to my love of natural materials, scientific exploration and useful ways of construction art that you can use. I use materials around me and strive to reuse interesting materials such as copper pennies. 

Sometimes I have had no more that a pocket of pennies, and still found ways to continue to build my artistic business never taking out a loan. Persistence, ingenuity, laughter and the ability to fail big and continue to create have been my strongest companions as I strive to balance my work and family. I couldn't continue without my extremely supportive husband who encourages and makes room for my science projects and studio, as well as my 3 kids who have been entangled in so many art projects and materials they think my crazy is normal.