Famous Artists Rothko Penny Earrings

Famous Artists Rothko Penny Earrings

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Rothko Penny Earrings
Torch Fired Enameled Penny Earrings with
Sterling Silver Earwires

Rothko has a love of transparent colors that I admire. He drew me into his large paintings and encouraged me to question how colors and moods are effected by each other.

My Story
How fun are these little guys! I broke down and invested in a torch and enamels after my Dad gave me a Dapping & Forming set for shaping metals. While investigating enamel torch firing, I discovered I could enamel older pennies due to the existing copper in pre-1981 pennies. Brings new meaning to "upcycling".

Metals have always been a favorite medium of mine and transparent layers of glossy color only enhance the beauty of the metal.

My goal is to create handmade art that is affordable, beautiful and USABLE!

These are created to be worn and look better with movement. The ear wire is shaped specifically to balance in your ear while performing all activities. Enamels and metal can withstand soakings and changing environments. I wear mine while exercising vigorously, performing motherly tasks, throwing on the potter's wheel, enameling and hammering metals, teaching art in elementary school, hiking in random environments and occasionally when washing my hair.

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