Black and White Collection Stripe Necklace

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Black and White Collection Stripe Necklace

Sterling Silver 20" Necklace

My Birthstone Collection was requested from numerous preferred customers. I loved the idea! Not only does it give you a personalized gift but also gives me a color palette for you to choose from. I also love the mineral and gemstone connections. (I am a closet rock hound). Please feel free to choose them just for the interesting colors.

(If you would like the crystal on your earrings, please note in your comments when you purchase. Otherwise earrings will not have crystal:))

About the Materials:                                                                                             These are created with Vitreous Enamels (Glass made for metals) created by the Cincinnati Company Thompsons Enamels. I manipulate my vintage copper pennies and then torch or kiln fire the enamels on the pieces. Many of the pieces in this collection have a polished back revealing Lincoln and the date of the penny. My pieces are small batch or one a kind works of wearable art.

 These are created to be worn and look better with movement. The ear wire is shaped specifically to balance in your ear while performing all activities. Enamels and metal can withstand soakings and changing environments. I wear mine while exercising vigorously, performing motherly tasks, throwing on the potter's wheel, enameling and hammering metals, teaching art in elementary school, hiking in random environments and occasionally when washing my hair.\

Beautiful creations are meant to be worn!

Local Pick Up is at Broadway Clay during regular business hours M-F11-6 or Sat.11-5


Broken in Shipping: Please email me the picture of the broken piece and I will do my very best to replace it with a similar item of your choice.

Return: Each of my pieces is hand crafted by me in my studio and I do not generally take returns. However, if you feel the item is not as pictured or described. You can pay to ship it back to me for a refund of initial cost. 

Shipping: If you make multiple purchases, I will combine shipping and refund if I can reduce the cost.